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Sustainable protection and promotion of ART NOUVEAU heritage in the Danube Region



Sustainable protection and promotion of ART NOUVEAU heritage in the Danube Region

The project is implemented with the support of the DANUBE Transnational Cooperation Programme.

The total budget of the project is of 1.649.559 Euro, out of which 1.206.795,15 Euro represents support from ERDF Funds, while 195.330 Euro is the support from IPA Funds. The remaining part of the budget will be ensured from the national contributions of the participating partners.

Lead partner: Municipality of Oradea; Romania

Austria: Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Arts Vienna
Bulgaria: National Academic Library and Information System Foundation
Croatia: Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb
Hungary: Museum of Applied Arts Budapest; Szeged and Surroundings Tourism nonprofit Ltd.
Romania: National Institute of Heritage Romania
Serbia: City of Subotica; Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments
Slovenia: Urban Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia

Associated strategic partners
Belgium: Reseau Art Nouveau Network
Romania: Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds of Romania; Icomos Romania

The project will be implemented in between 1st of January 2017 and 30th of June 2019.

The aim of the project: The partnership covers main geographical area of the specifi¬c expression of Art Nouveau in Danube region, it balances multi-level governance and multi-disciplinary expertise and ensures responsible and efficient use of resources. The project involves a wide mix of competences and expertise, making the partnership well equipped for investigating the most efficient methods for protection and promotion of the Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region.

The project will elaborate a strategic document outlining the steps to be taken to better preserve and promote the Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region. The state-of-art of Art Nouveau heritage was not yet comprehensively evaluated on the level of the entire Danube region. The activity will include a screening of the specifi¬c heritage on macro-regional level, based on which it will defi¬ne a strategic document and an Action Plan, as policy instruments to support the protection and promotion of the Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region.

In order to increase the capacity to better conserve this outstanding heritage, the project will conduct two
comprehensive analysis: a study on Art Nouveau building decorations, involving renowned experts from throughout the Danube region and beyond, which will reveal techniques and procedures applied for the conservation of the Art Nouveau buildings in the area; and a study on the utilization of public spaces in the modern urban centres from the Danube region with high concentration of Art Nouveau buildings.

By using the expertise of the partnership, the project will pilot the elaboration and adoption of policy instruments for protecting Art Nouveau heritage in the context of urban development. Oradea and Subotica will develop their urban plans for protected areas outlining, among others, the functions and permitted infrastructural interventions within the public spaces in the central parts of the cities, concentrating a high density of Art Nouveau heritage.

An integrated database of certi¬fied experts in a large variety of fi¬elds related to Art Nouveau, from researchers, to restorers, and from art historians, to architects will be developed within the project. The database will be continuously enlarged and updated, even after the ¬finalization of the project.

In order to strengthen and update the knowledge available within the Danube region in relation to Art Nouveau, a series of 5 master classes will be organized in ¬five topics of high relevance for the protection of Art Nouveau: restoration, architecture, urban planning, art history/museology and public management of cultural heritage. These will serve the scope of updating the knowledge with the newest trends, methods and technologies available, and to ensure a balanced access to this improved know-how throughout the Danube region.

The project will develop the Art Nouveau Danube web mobile app as an interactive, location based geographic application ready for use by tourists, tourist guides, general public, municipals, heritage experts and authorities as well. The app has a particular focus on raising awareness and the interest of Art
Nouveau heritage at local level in the Danube area.

The partnership will organize a series of events related to the celebration of the World Day of Art Nouveau in June 2017 and June 2018. The events will include small exhibitions and workshops, free guided tours and other events having the potential to attract and involve the local communities and tourists. Information about the events will be available on the webpages and the social media instruments of the partners.

The project will develop a presentation ¬film about Art Nouveau in the Danube region. It will insist on the
specifi¬cities of the manifestation of Art Nouveau movement within this geographic area, presenting its most important elements. The ¬film will be available on the webpages of the partners, as part of the digital repository developed within the project, and will be promoted via national and regional media channels (including social media).

The Project is cofinanced by the Provincial Secretariat of Finance for 3.219.000 RSD


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