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Galleria is an international hotel, congress and business centre. It is located in the very centre of Subotica, and is one of the most beautiful and modern buildings in Subotica. Stretching on an area of 2900m², it is divided into three parts: Hotel Galleria, Galleria Business Centre and Galleria Shopping Mall, linked by a roofed atrium.

Senior Citizens’ Centre  of Subotica is a social and health centre for local senior citizens. It was founded in 1977 by the integration of the  Homecare and Senior Care  and the Centre for the Elderly and Pensioners. This unique centre  provides  various services in four  clubs offering for 2600 pensioners and other persons to meet their diverse needs. It also provides  homecare services, services for 395 beneficiaries in three care centres (with a capacity for 519 persons), and cares about another cca. 150 retired persons, who live in the Centre’s residential building. They Centre offers other types of services as well, such as: catering, laundry, rental of premises and rooms.
After 28 years of exitence, the Centre keeps on to meet its comittments, i.e. to provide social and protective help and assistance both to individuals and families.

The Ceremonial Hall of the City Hall , after a thorough reconstruction implemented on the occasion of the sixth century since the city’s first mentioning in 1991, had shown again its original art nouveau glamour  as designed by Dezső Jakab and Komor Marcell.  Due to additional technical equipments, the hall may be used   for concerts, weddings and important gatherings, and it is probably one of the most beautiful ceremonial halls in this part of the world. The coat-of-arms on the ceiling of the Hall – which had once been changed by change of powers in the city - catch the eye among the lavish decorative details. During the regeneration works, the original symbols were returned and they include the crest  of Subotica with Virgin Mary with Jesus, Saint Theresa of Avila and a lion with a sword. The Ceremonial Hall is also decorated by impressive stained glass: Emperor  Franz Josepg and Maria Theresia, the Empress and  their two pages. The lateral windows depict Hungarian kings and six renowned persons of the Hungarian history. These stained glass windows were made by  Miksa Roth i Sándor Nagy in their workshop.

The Grand Terrace  The construction of art nouveau style building in Palić ended in 1911, and was built to serve different purposes ( a confectionery, restaurant, a hall for parties and balls). The front of the building is dominated by two massive, open terraces decorated by impressive fences. In front of the Grand Terrace, there is the smallest art nouveau style facility, the  Music Pavilion.
The Grand Terrace, stretching on about 3300 m² together with some other buildings in the Palic Grand Park is part of the touristical and cultural heritage of the settlement. Its reconstruction is  underway.

The Green Council Hall  of the City Hall has also been decorated in art nouveau style. Presently, it is the Mayor’s formal salon, where he receives visits from official delegations.

Green Fountain In their efforts to preserve the old city centre,  contemporary architects combine modern architecture with tradition. A good example of it is the Green Fountain, on the Main Square, built in 1985 from the tiles of the Zsolnay Manufacture from Hungary  and designed by Svetislav Ličina, an architect from Belgrade.

Gomborska Street a colorful street, with the tessallated old cobblestone pavement, which was named after the craftsmen, who used to have their shops there. Its official name is „Drapsinova“. At present, the street is full of  boutiques, cafes and shops.

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