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The Faculty of Economics in Subotica was founded on May 18th 1860. During the fifty years since its establishment, it has developed into a scientific-educational institution, owing  its openness to new trends in teaching and science. The primary orientation of the faculty is the education of the economists to become executives in the future. Over 10 000 students graduated from this Faculty from the year of its establishment until nowadays. More than 300 of them acquired a Masters Degree, and 120 PhD dissertations were defended.

Félix Lajkó  is a contemporary musician and composer. Born on December 17th 1974, in Bačka Topola, he spent  part of his life in Subotica. He plays a violin, a cither, and other traditional string instruments popular in the Pannonian Plain.

Fidelinka With a six decade long tradition, Fidelinka is a food market  leader  in Serbia and the region. The Fidelinka brand is known for its high quality, competitive prices and wide range of products. The result of it is a dominant market share in the country and, most importantly, the satisfaction and loyalty of many consumers. The plant’s aim is to provide products made from high quality wheat, and to maintain the exceptional ratio between quality/price by using efficient production and marketing systems, striving to  meet the needs of the massive market, with a vision to become the leader on the flour and pasta  market.

The Palić Film Festival  was founded by the Subotica Municipality in 1992. From a small and unpretencious  Palić Film Nights, through serious attempts in creating an truly regional festival, it has grown  into an important venue on the map of  European film festivals. From the 2003 tenth festival edition,  Palić Film Festival became a festival of the European films, and at that same year, it was granted membership in the European Co-ordinaton of Film Festivals. This idea was vindicated over the following three years, and nowadays the Palić European Film Festival is one of the most significant festivals of the region and one of the few in the world with 100% European content.
The Festival takes place anually, in July, and the awards presented are: Alexandar Lifka, Golden Tower, Palić Tower, Underground Spirit and Special Award of the Jury.

Flea Market Subotica was an important spot on the map of Vojvodina, Serbia, former Yugoslavia, Central and Eastern Europe with its many peculiaritiesfor at least two decades. Those who visit it regularly call it, simply, the Flea Market. By the end of the 1980’s and 1990’s, it had grown into a Mecca for buyers and traders coming not only from the country, but also from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania...
Nowadays, this market is more like a shopping mall with approximately 1600 registered shops and stalls, and over 200 premises. Alongside Subotica’s residents and residents from nearly all regions of Serbia, buyers and traders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian Serb Republic, still visit this market.
For thousand of households, Flea Market has, for already ten years, been the primary source of subsistence; for Subotica it was the trade mark of free trade, as it came to be a regular stopover for domestic travellers, on their way to Europe.

FOKUS is a foundation for youth culture and creativity. The Foundation has a goal to create a new cultural space in the city. With a series of projects from the field of culture, art, science and through youth actions, the Foundation  aims to “shake up” Subotica  from the somnolence so typical for this lowland region. FOKUS welcomes all residents of Subotica who would enjoy a rich cultural and social life. The Foundation is an urban institution  tasked to promote the values of a contemporary, intercultural, postmodern and urban life.

Fontana  is a restaurant in Palić, located in resort area of the settlement  with a rich offer in  quality  dishes and drinks and increasing  number of visitors. The restaurant offers local cousine and fish specialties.
The Franciscan Church, built from 1730 to 1736,  is the oldest church in Subotica. This massive church, built in neo-romantic style gained its present image in 1901.

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