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Bajnat  is the elevated ground between Senćanski Road, Mali Palić and Mlaka. Initially, it was called „Bajini hatovi“. Bajnat has been inhabited since ancient times.  A bronze site from the Hallstatt Period – 9th century BC was discovered there, along with 4th century Sarmatian pots and German and Avar graves from the period when the Hungarians came to the region.

Bandaš and Bandašica terms that are closely related to the Dužijanca harvest festival. During harvest, young people gathered into groups and work together. Their leader was called „Bandaš“ – the one who arranged and negotiated business for the group, while Bandašica was a girl,  his „windrow lady“. They were the most diligent and the best couple. Even today, every year during the Harvest Festivity, a couple is chosen to symbolicly represent Bandaš and Bandašica.

Bikovo Airport is a civilian airport near Subotica. It is located 6km southeast from Subotica. The airport is used for sports – teaching and training in parachuting and flying plains and gliders. Pilot zones are defined in a regular triangle shape, around the airport. Glider zone for heights over 1200 m are limited to the western line that links Lake Palić to Srbobran, and due to the vicinity of the air route that leads to the exit point of Kelebija. The height allowed in the teaching circle is 300m for planes and 200m for gliders.

Black Madonna  altar-piece in the Franciscan Church, made in the 17th century.

Small Lake Palic (Bloody Lake) was created by interception of  the Northeast apex of the Lake Palić and the surplus  water from Lake Palić poured into it. Long time ago, during summer droughts, red algae covered its shallow water and turning the colour of the water into red, hence it was named “the Bloody Lake”.

Bogdan, Zvonko (born on January 5th 1942, in Sombor)  a singer of traditional folk music of Vojvodina. He lives and works in Subotica. Aside from being a famous singer, he is also a composer, painter, poet and jokey. He is well-known for his gentlemanly, cordial manners. His songs bring about the smell of the Plain, of the days gone by, of bohemian life style, of Danube… They are about love, horses that run freely, women…
Zvonko Bogdan sings original, traditional songs (especially those of the Bunjevac people), accompanied by  string band. His most popular sond is "Ej, salaši na severu Bačke".
Some of his most famous songs are: Ej, salaši na severu Bačke, Već odavno spremam svog mrkova, Prošle su mnoge ljubavi, Govori se da me varaš, Kraj jezera jedna kuća mala, Neko sasvim treći, O tebi pevam najdraži grade, Jedan stari kontrabas, Ko te ima taj te nema, Ne mogu se setit' leta, Bunjevačko prelo, Doći ću ti ko u staroj pismi...

Boss Cafe Pizzeria an icon among restaurants, gladly frequented by locals. Boss was founded in 1986. It is a blend of traditionally excellent service and a wide offer of an attractive menu, thus, no wonder that it became the favourite  meeting point for  all ages. A cozy ambient and a garden fenced by the lavishly decorated facade of the Modern Gallery Building make the cafe especially appealing during summer.

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